9th and M Mixed Use

9th & M 9th & M

9th and M is a mixed-use project planned to house […]

Le Mondo Theatre

Le Mondo Theatre Group has been working to develop the 400 block of North Howard Street. The block is also being developed by other artists, […]

Holiday Project Tour

Peter Fillat Architects has a yearly outing in December to go see all of our recently completed, current, and planned projects. This year on our […]

Lucky’s Warehouse

Qualified for a LEED Gold rating, this adaptive reuse project at Lucky’s Warehouse created a high performance three story urban loft-style office building within the […]

George Washington Hotel

Built in 1924, the George Washington Hotel has been through a number of disparate uses as well as a period of vacancy in recent years. […]

Renaissance Grand

This project consisted of renovating and restoring the Gateway Statler Hotel, formerly one of the country’s premier historic hotels, into a four-star Renaissance Grand. Conveniently […]

Ridgely Commons

Originally a 19th-century church, this building was converted into a recreation center in the 1950s, which involved significant demolition of interior structural elements. […]

The Revels Condos

Bought in the 1850s by the First Presbyterian Church as a designated place of worship for black members of its congregation, The Revels has since […]

Oella Mill Adaptive Reuse

Oella Mill is an adaptive reuse project that involves converting existing retail and studio space into 147 luxury apartments in Ellicott City, Maryland. The building, […]