FILLAT+ Architecture is a design studio headquartered in Washington, DC. Our practice serves both the public and private sectors with a focus on architecture, interior design, urban design, and sustainable practices. Our international portfolio encompasses hotels, resorts, multi-family residential buildings, offices, retail, and mixed-use buildings.

We are committed to creating lasting works of architecture and designing in harmony with the environment. FILLAT+ is dedicated to engaging communities and individuals with the spaces we create. We create works based in permanence that delight the people they serve, are respectful of the environment, and create unity between form, function, and spirit.

FILLAT+ Architecture was formed in 1992. Originally named ‘Studio Wanda,’ Peter Fillat formed his own studio in order to more intimately explore design. With several years of experience designing luxury hospitality projects, Peter worked to create a practice focused on creatively approaching problems in order to find unique and innovative solutions.

In the early years, the studio worked on a variety of projects including custom residences and restaurants, at the same time we continued to expand our client base and diversify our portfolio. The studio has continued to grow over the years, providing a full range of architectural services for urban, mixed-use development, hospitality, multi-family residential, adaptive re-use, retail, and office projects.

FILLAT+ Architecture is registered in Washington, DC, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

PFA’s exterior and interior work was a home run the first time out, everyone who experiences the hotel is struck with the functionality and design aesthetic… Everyone at PFA was timely and relished solving problems. All of the people who work at PFA support each other and work as a team… Peter Fillat is a man of his word and of fine character which is reflected in his firm’s work ethic.
Lauren C. Taylor, Ocean Jetty, LLC
The strength of PFA is their creative approach to projects and their ability to carry out these ideas in an efficient and economical manner. Their knowledge of hospitality design and hotel operations is exceptional. In addition PFA did an excellent job of managing the project’s consultants and scheduling. Peter is a hands on principal that you have access to unlike bigger firms.
PFARC has always been a good partner to us in the understanding of the delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality of design both of which are limited by cost constraints. PFARC has provided creative solutions such that we are able to create the space we need while balanced against limited budgets. PFARC has been a reliable partner in the production of construction documents to assist us with effectively obtaining approval from municipalities and obtaining accurate bid responses from general contractors. Additionally, PFARC has been an involved partner in the administration of construction with the regular attendance at construction meetings, quick responses to RFIs, and expedient solutions to address unforeseen conditions and/or changes in direction and scope. PFARC has effectively met any and all deadlines for submittals and has always done a very effective job of addressing the concerns of our many stakeholders.
Sarah Spiewak, Thayer Lodging Group