Demolition recently started on one of our most recent projects – Le Mondo. The project is a renovation and rather than demolish, they are “deconstructing” the site. They’re salvaging everything possible, in the true spirit of modern concerns with recycling. Peter and I went to help with some of the deconstruction and there were a handful of other volunteers. There wasn’t a whole lot of knocking down walls, but peter had a good time with the one set that did get to be knocked down Sunday.

Le Mondo Left

Deconstruction of walls and ceilings

A brief history of the site: construction documents go back to the 1920s, but it’s likely that the building was actually built in the late 1800s. The last business in the building was Uniform City, a scrubs retailer. As one might expect from a clothing store, there were a lot of racks and dressing rooms and mirrors and the like. Peter knocked out the dressing rooms while I helped turn over the security system. Other volunteers took down racks and wall panels.

Le Mondo Right

Peter demolishing dressing rooms

All-in-all, just about all that got thrown away was the ceiling tiles that were removed to expand the space upward. Mirrors, slatted wall boards, 2x4s, and carpeting were all recycled. There seems to be more than a couple of these deconstruction sessions left before construction will start. I was hoping to get to knock down some of the brick wall in the basement to make doorways, but that’s for a later date.

Le Mondo Front

Volunteers as mannequins

The members of Le Mondo are doing exciting things in the meantime and they’ve got a website you can visit and even sign up for a newsletter (which you should really do if you want to know what’s going on and when opening night will be). Two of the members recently opened/are opening new shows. Ric, one of the main members, opened a variety show that attracted quite a large audience. I can’t wait to see what opening night at this theatre is like!