34 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD

This bifurcated 72-unit condominium tower maximizes its program without sacrificing views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Inspired by the density of the existing neighborhood and geographical studies, the design creates an east-west corridor with views of the Harbor, while enclosing above- and below-grade parking, the residential lobby, and a coffee house.

The glass and steel structure is elevated over two-and-a-half story base houses, with an 8” offset twist which further lightens the structure’s visual mass. The unique, arc-shaped plan provides a panoramic view overlooking neighboring rooftop decks, and maximizes views of Baltimore and the Inner Harbor.

  • 72 Condominium Units
  • 98 Structured Parking Spaces
  • Construction Cost : Est. $14,000,000
  • Status : Unbuilt
  • Scope of Services : Full Architectural


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