FILLAT+ is taking part in a national fundraiser with our architectural know-how and a tasty play on bowie’s classic

Ground Control to Major Tom(ato)

Washington, DC – Now through Thanksgiving Week in November 

FILLAT+ is taking part in this year’s Washington Architectural Foundation’s CANstruction Fundraiser and competition, partnering with every donor to assist the Capital Area Food Bank for those in need. 

Each participating team has been challenged to craft a sculpture out of non-perishables, to be donated to the collective fundraising organization. This year, our structured sculpture includes over 3,500 donated cans! All donations given through the link below help to fund our eventual goal of $6,335. Know a family member or friend who would want to help out?

Check out our donation page, here:

FILLAT+ CANstruction Donations

 Ariel Westmark, Staff Designer here at FILLAT+ heads the design team:

“Our structure is a pun of the famous song lyrics “Ground Control to Major Tom” by David Bowie. A rocket resembling the iconic Campbell’s Tomato Soup has departed from Planet Earth. A message floats out from the ground into the atmosphere calling out “Ground Control to Major Tomato”. Our astronaut, Major Tomato has stepped out of his rocket and into space with his guitar in hand, “floating ‘round my tin can”. The rocket body is made out of canned vegetables with the top primarily made of tomatoes. The feet are three dimensional music beats.” – Ariel Westmark

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