By John Fetty, Principal

Labor Day Weekend, 2021

In Search of the Perfect Session IPA

September 6th, 2021

I have a long history of beer drinking… I mean beer appreciation. I have grown to relish in finding the perfect Session IPA – One that is not too strong, but strong enough. One that is not too bitter, but still packs a punch. One that has enough of a fruity flavor to leave you feeling more refreshed than buzzed.


I’m sure many states are like the state of Maryland, but I’m a Maryland boy so am very proud of the history and numbers of breweries in and around the DMV area. A few of the breweries that are right in my neighborhood are as follows:

Waredaca Brewing Co.

Originally a horse farm, I think the owners made the right decision to become one of the premier micro-breweries in upper Montgomery County. Who would have thought, while my kid is learning how to ride a horse, I’ll just sit back here and enjoy a frosty draft beer!  They have a great range of beer choices, but I favor their Wayover Saison, it’s very close to a Session IPA, but what better way to sit back and view the farm wayover there. Check it out on Facebook!

Brookeville Beer Farm

My second find in upper MOCO, is this gem of a brewery closer in to town. Formerly a landscape nursery its original history is even more intriguing. The building structure was built up in the Appalachian mountains as a priest and nun ‘retreat’. (this is really where they sent the bad ones to get reprogrammed) What better place to later become a brewery!  The gorgeous and ornate structure was moved to our current location about a hundred years ago and is now an excellent venue for entertainment events and families. They too have a great range of beer choices, and have really evolved over the years producing more and more varieties. A new wood fired pizza oven rounds out the options of discovery. The Interdependence IPA is the baseline IPA, but this season they have the Oriole brew, (tip to my Baltimore friends) brewed with oranges, of course, Hun. Very refreshing on a hot summer day watching baseball, if you could find TV here. Click to find out more!

Lone Oak Farm Brewing Co.

The new kid on the block, features amazing acreage focused on a humongous Oak tree which is some 170 years old. They opened and survived through Covid with outdoor fire pit and teepee tent rentals. The beer selection is plentiful, but unlike the other places, this is the better place to watch a ball game, while of course still appreciating the hop yard. Too many IPAs here to mention, so grab a flight. I tend to settle on the 24/Session IPA. Be sure to venture over to the sunflower farm, that’s a real trip. Click to find out more!


Dogfish Head – Rehoboth, DE is home to the original Dogfish Head Brewery and brew pub. One of the few forefathers of the craft beer movement, they are stronger than ever with quite a selection and awesome rotational. The ‘60 Minute’ IPA is table wine to me, but the more recent ‘Beer You Can Dance To’ hits the session IPA mark BEST. As for beach drinking their ‘Slightly Mighty’ IPA is the bomb. You can drink half a dozen and feel so relaxed you can find a beach anywhere. DFH also transcends borders and also as a brew pub in Maryland that is very enjoyable for beer and food. Click here for the full run-down!


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