Baltimore, MD

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that two of our low-income housing projects will begin construction this year!

Back in December, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development announced the awards for the 2015 Fall competitive funding round. One of our projects, 300 Warwick, was awarded funding

The apartments at 300 Warwick Avenue will be 80 units of affordable housing. They will be sustainable and close to the Marc train and major transit lines. The design will help to revitalize the community and create a connection between two residential neighborhoods separated by an industrial/ warehouse area.

As it turns out, some of the “points” for the awards system weren’t distributed. So, upon petition, we were able to get funding for another of our projects, Lexington Gateway.

Lexington Gateway will also bridge the gap between two neighborhoods. The 6-story, 70-unit structure will provide low-income, transit-oriented apartments so that lower income people who work downtown can live nearby. The apartments will add much needed diversity to the area. “With a shortage of workforce housing not only in Baltimore, but nationwide, this project is extremely important in filling a much needed segment of the market,” William H. Cole, president of BDC, said in a statement. “Having residential diversity will continue to foster economic growth and inclusion.” This project received high reviews at its first UDARP presentation due to the design team’s thorough presentation and well respected conceptual approach. It is being completed with the same developer as a previous, very successful low-income project of ours, M on Madison. Both projects have a unique outer appearance; M on Madison with its “M” design, and Lexington Gateway with its modern pixelation. What looks to be urban camo is actually an abstract design inspired by a historic photo of the area’s shopping district.

Fall 2015 Waiver

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