104 West Madison Street, Baltimore, MD

The First Presbyterian Church acquired the parcels in the 1850’s which accommodated black congregates for worship. Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels, the first African American Senator elected in the United States, served as pastor to the Congregation and served as Army Chaplain during the Civil War. 

Located in Historic Mount Vernon, a unique 13-condo residential building lives in his honor. FILLAT+ led the team in preserve the existing shell, brick stepped cornice details, and interior architectural plaster detailing. Our re-design of the interiors created dynamic, modern units while successfully maintaining its historic character and original structural elements. New roof-top units and roof-top deck capitalize on views of Mount Vernon and Downtown Baltimore.

  • 13 Condominium Units
  • Construction Cost : $5,200,000
  • Status : Completed 2005
  • Scope of Services : Full Architectural


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