Project Description

Howard street in western Downtown Baltimore is on the path to once again being a lively place. Abandoned for years, the strip has fallen into disrepair and was auctioned off by the city. A few local artists banded together and bought many of the lots on the west side of the street and are redeveloping them into a cultural destination as part of the Bromo Arts District. The pilot storefront, what used to be Uniform City, is being transformed into Le Mondo Theatre, which includes a performance space, green rooms, a bar, set building workshops, and rentable studios. The adjacent buildings are being stabilized to prepare for upcoming renovations to add the second theatre, live-work artist studios, and coffee shop.

Program Summary:
– 2 theatres
– live-work artist studios
– rental space
– bar
– coffee shop
– workshops
Completed: Under construction
Scope of Services: Full Architectural