Buffalo, NY

This project is a 76-unit Mixed-Use residential building with ground-level commercial space in Buffalo, New York. The site, adjacent to one of the city’s primary public open spaces, intersects boulevards which were created during the City Beautiful Movement of the early 20th century. While located at a corner, the site is constrained in a narrow configuration.

The first phase of a new commercial, “Main Street-type” development located in the Garden District, the project envisions an iconic structure which uses five stories of loft units to elongate its form vertically, creating an airy, angular tower at the intersection. The building’s design approaches the tower in steps, using outdoor terraces, semi-public spaces, and diagonal facade designs to guide the focal point vertically through the structure.

  • 76 Apartment Units
  • Ground Floor Retail
  • Green Roofs / Miniature Parks
  • Status : Unbuilt
  • Scope of Services : Proposal


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